Practice Areas

Neubauer, Pelkey and Goldfinger LLP provides a broad range of legal services for the people of Wyoming. We believe that all clients deserve individual attention, prompt responses, and a thorough explanation of the issues in plain English.

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Business and Startups

We have experience providing a full set of services for businesses and startups, from initial incorporation and brand protection to assisting growing businesses in meeting their needs, including contracts, copyright and trademark registration and defense, and general commercial litigation.


Whatever your financial situation, we can help make the bankruptcy process as painless as possible, and get you back to financial stability.

Civil Rights

Whether your civil rights have been violated through police misconduct, employment discrimination, abuses of governmental power, or invasion of privacy, we can help you vindicate those rights and get the compensation you deserve.

Criminal Defense

Be sure to check out our guide to Wyoming drug laws at

The attorneys of Neubauer, Pelkey, and Goldfinger LLP have represented thousands of people who have had the unfortunate experience of hearing themselves addressed as "the defendant." Few things in life can cause as much stress and anxiety as the prospect of facing criminal charges. It grinds on your family, affects your employment, and brings uncertainty to your future.

We take the approach that we would want our lawyer to take if a member of one of our families were charged with a crime. Although we certainly try, sometimes it's simply impossible to make all the charges go away. Our job is to take the sting out of it as much as humanly possible.

Through experience we know that even reduced charges can haunt a person years after a case gets resolved. We never take a knee-jerk reaction to cases. We view every case comprehensively, and take the time to consider the long view.

Any lawyer can go through the numbers. It takes intelligent investigation of facts in the early stages of a case, thoughtful motions practice throughout a case, and superlative trial skills to achieve the desired result. We do not file boilerplate motions that will not help our clients or wrack up needless expenses to impress with smoke and mirrors.

Estate Planning

Whether you need a will, a wealth preservation strategy, or to plan your health care decisions, we can help you create certainty in your estate planning.